How To Apply Eyeshadow for Photography

Much like theatre makeup, how to apply eyeshadow for the 3d bottom lashes camera has its own set of tips and tricks. If you know you’re going to be in front of the camera, there are a few techniques you should consider if you want to attain the best results possible.

The idea is to create a good level contrast between highlights a 3d bottom lashes nd shadow tones. Use colors that are slightly more dramatic than your average daily wear and, in some cases, even darker than your night look. Applying eyeshadow that emphasizes your natural features is a huge plus but you can always get creative and add effects like the smoky eye.


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real 3d mink fur lashes

If you’re going to try a smoky eye look you will have to apply it much more heavily than normal so it is a good idea to use a color stay stick or a bit of olive oil before you apply the eyeshadow to make sure you get rich tones. It is easier, in most cases, to blend color away than make the pigm 3d bottom lashes ent stronger looking after the fact.

Experiment with a few tests on your arm. Rub in three patches of concealer to your fore arm. Make sure to choose concealer three shades lighter than your skin tone for photography, and cover one patch with face powder, do nothing to the second and apply a color stay stick to the third. Now add the chosen eyeshadow color to the three patches. Notice the difference and practice some blending techniques to see how the color sticks or does not. Try reapplying the eyeshadow again and notice which patches get noticeably darker and which do not.

Do not forget the importance of great eyeliners. Eyeliner can make l 3d bottom lashes ashes look thicker and really define your eye shape. Apply much more eyeliner than you think is necessary. It is nearly impossible to have too much. Make sure to snap a few photos of yourself to notice the difference.

If you are doing black and white photos there are a few things to consider about color. For one thing red can show up as gray, unattractive splotches. Choose neutral colors like copper and brown. Apply these three to four shads darker than you normally would. Black shows up as grey so for the same smoky eye effect you will really have to make it dark. Warm tones also show up a bit lighter that you would think, so try to imagine a red lipstick for its shade instead of color and don’t forget to powder!

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