How to Grow Eyelashes Naturally!

Sadly many women across the world are unsatisfied with the condition and appearance of their 3d lashes mink. This shortfall has led to the creation and marketing of a slew of products that ostensibly cause these delicate hairs to lengthen, thicken and increase in density resulting in a more pleasing beauty appearance.

Unfortunately these products contain a huge variety of chemical ingredients. Many of these also come with the potential risk of unwanted side effects and irritation to the skin around the eyes – and the framing effect of long, dark 3d lashes mink can be spoiled somewhat by puffy, red inflamed eyelids which is completely counter to the point of using these cosmetic products in the first place!

3d lashes mink
3d lashes mink

Mascaras and false 3d lashes mink aren’t without their drawbacks either – both necessitate the manipulation and weighing down of the eyelash which weakens them at the follicle and eventually causes them to fall out. With this in mind, here are some more natural solutions to your eyelash woes that are unlikely to be quite so damaging in the long run.The quality of all types of hair is heavily influenced by the amounts of specific dietary components consumed on a daily basis. B vitamins in particular (B5, B6 and B12 especially) are crucial for the development of long, flexible, shiny lashes. For optimal 3d lashes mink growth try to maintain a steady intake of nuts, pulses, egg yolk, red meat and cereals. Additionally, the application of coconut, almond, olive or vitamin E oils can help to condition the eyelashes naturally. Normally these are applied before bed and left in place overnight to allow the product to soak into the body of the hair.

The longer your eyelashes spend free from cloying, weighty cosmetic products, the healthier they are likely to look in the long term. A bog key is to try and not touch or rub the eye area if you can avoid it as this too will weaken the lashes at the follicles and impact them negatively by stressing them to the point of potentially snapping them. Although many cosmetic products are designed with ‘looking good’ at the forefront, without consideration for the condition of the lashes after use, there are some products which by their ingredient list, will actually improve the health of the lashes in the same way that a good quality hair serum will boost the general health of your head hair. Although eyelash growth serums can be more costly than cheaper cosmetic products, the cost is greatly outweighed by the benefits.

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