How To Use Witch Make Up

Dressing up as a witch is a lot of fun. From beautiful and magical to scary and evil, there are plenty of costumes to go around. Once you have chosen the perfect character, you have the option to choose appropriate 3d mink false strip lashes and accessories to complete the look you have chosen. Choosing the right witch makeup and appropriate accessories can take your costume from ordinary to extraordinary in just a few easy steps.

Fake Eyelashes

3d mink false strip lashes
3d mink false strip lashes

Fake eyelashes can be used for a variety of characters. For the wicked version, the eyelashes are used to beckon her prey on over her way. For the magical sorceress, the fake eyelashes are used to enhance the beauty and magic of your look. They are very easy to apply and are comfortable to wear. There are a large variety to choose from, including those with sparkle and shine or have different colored tips to enhance the colors in your ensemble and the beauty on your face.


Thinking of the Wizard of Oz, just how does the Wicked Witch beckon Dorothy and her little dog Toto over to her? With her long pointy nail! You too can have that look. There are a variety of nails to choose from including long, gothic black nails and long, green sparkling nails. You can choose any color that enhances the colors and personality of your character. If you are looking for a more magical look, choose fingernails that are pink and have a sparkle and shine to them.

Face 3d mink false strip lashes

Everyone is familiar with the green face and skin 3d mink false strip lashes that the Wicked Witch wears. If you are going to be her this Halloween, you can have the same look. There are many types of witch makeup available that apply very easily and wash right off, making it easy to get the entire look of your desired character. You can finish your look off with dark eye makeup and bright red lipstick.

If your costume has a more magical or good side, there are plenty of options for you as well. Pink makeup with a lot of sparkle and shine is what your look calls for. Choose pink face glitter to envelope your face in a gorgeous glow and accentuate it with pink eye shadow and pink or red lipstick.

If you are going to dress up in an outfit that is in between wicked and magical, such as the Gothic character, you can choose dark eye makeup and dark red lipstick to accent your outfit and make it authentic.

Witch Costume Accessories

Once you have chosen the costume and the 3d mink false strip lashes , it is time to choose the perfect witch costume accessories. The accessories that you choose are what customize your outfit into what you want it to be. Even if there is someone else at your event wearing the same outfit, chances are the accessories will be different, allowing you to differentiate yourself from the rest.

A few of the most popular accessories include shoes, stockings and jewelry. The type of character that you are will determine the type of accessories you choose. Pointy shoes, striped stockings and a chocker necklace can perfect your wicked costume while shoes with glitter, a magical wand and beautiful bracelets can complete your good witch costume. There is a large variety of choices for any ensemble, making it easy to personalize your look.

When you choose the perfect witch 3d mink false strip lashes and accessories, you can make your costume exactly what you envisioned this Halloween. The best part of Halloween is making your outfit portray the exact look you desire, allowing you to become someone else, even if just for one day.

3d mink false strip lashes
3d mink false strip lashes

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