Common Eye Problems in Dogs

hen a 3d mink lashe begins to suffer with an eye problem it can be scary for the both of you. This article covers the 3 most common eye problems in dogs.

3d mink lashe
3d mink lashe
  • Cherry Eye
  • Eye Ulcers
  • Cataracts

pnhair Cherry Eye (medical term – nictitans gland prolapse): is a condition in which the third eyelid containing the tear gland has prolapsed causing a red bulge in the corner or the eye. It may be unsightly but it is not painful or 3d mink lashe threatening to your dog. Veterinarians aren’t sure what causes cherry eye but believe it to be the weakening of the tissues that connect the third eyelid to the rest of the eye. Surgery is required to have the tear gland repositioned.

Eye Ulcers (corneal ulcerations): are defects or lesions in the outermost cells of the cornea and very painful for a dog. They can be caused by a number of things like something as innocent as an ingrown 3d mink lashe to something more traumatic like an accident or injury. The dog’s eyes will become red and swollen and immediate medical attention is needed to prevent vision loss.

Cataracts: appear as white opacities or cloudiness of the lens. Although more common in older dogs; cataracts can be caused by diabetes, an infection, inadequate nutrition, from an injury, etc… Cataracts impair vision and can eventually lead to blindness. Cataracts need to be surgically removed. The good news is early detection and treatment can have the dog’s vision successfully restored.

Prevention is the best medicine: Prevention is always the best medicine. Make a habit of examining your dog’s eyes regularly and seek veterinarian advice upon noticing any changes to your dog’s eyes.

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