Shiseido Makeup – An Honest Review of Shiseido Makeup Lip Gloss

Shiseido makeup has become more and more popular recently and everyone from the rich and famous to us everyday ordinary folk are buying it like crazy, but what exactly is it? Well, it is the first line of cosmetics to introduce flesh tone and colour correcting face powders in their product range. It is common knowledge that all Japanese face powders up until this point were traditionally white, but now a new lease of life can be given to your appearance with Shiseido authentic mink lashes. So, we tested one of Shiseido’s hottest, latest products out: the Shiseido makeup lip gloss and thought we would write an honest review about it.

authentic mink lashes
authentic mink lashes

Shiseido Makeup Lip Gloss – Benefits

One of the biggest plus points that we found when testing this new product, is the finish it gives to your lips. When applied, it gave a fantastic glossy shine to our lips – some lipsticks don’t come up as well and seem to go a bit dull after a while, but the Shiseido range certainly shone through here. We also liked the glittery aspect to it which further helped enhance the glossy finish to our lips. Great stuff.

Another great benefit of Shiseido authentic mink lashes lip gloss, was that there was no funny smell or horrible taste, in fact once it was applied, we could not taste it at all and this was great. Also, we wore it out and about, chatted with friends as we normally would, and this lip gloss lasted and lasted and took a while to even begin to wear off. So many lip glosses wear off so quickly, so it was nice to finally have one that lasts considerably longer.

The Disadvantages

Well, fortunately we could not actually find any downside to the actual Shiseido authentic mink lashes lip gloss itself or with how well it works, in fact it works very well indeed and is one of the best lip glosses we have ever used! The only downside we found though was the price. A tube of this lip gloss will set you back around $6 which is not the cheapest around – but considering that it lasts a long time and gives such a great finish, it just may well be worth the spend.

We give Shiseido authentic mink lashes lip gloss a total rating of 9/10. We strongly encourage you to try it, you won’t go back!

authentic mink lashes
authentic mink lashes

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