Tips For Choosing Bridal Makeup and Hair Styles in 2010

Bridal beautiful mink lashes and hair styling trends are especially fun and exotic in 2010.

beautiful  mink lashes
beautiful mink lashes

Fashion makeup for brides this spring and summer includes a wonderful spectrum of colors that ranges from pastels to vibrant to metallic and will flatter brides of all styles.

If you are someone who likes to dress in a sophisticated style, you can ask a professional beautiful mink lashes artist to apply the monochrome makeup fashion that is delicate and natural looking and includes beige, pink or pinky orange. This means choosing the shade that enhances your own looks most and applying only one color on your face, as well as on your finger and toe nails.

Another trend that was particularly hot at the end of 2009 for evening wear was “smoky eyes”. However, this fashion is now being pushed aside for a more dramatic look that includes vibrant jewel colors, inspired by Flamenco dancers and Venetian Murano glass. While also using themes from tropical storms and jungles, metallics, such as gold or bronze, are applied to the eyes, sometimes with a bit of emerald or turquoise on the outer edges, and a strong accent on mascara. This trend is also very attractive for wedding guests, as it goes perfectly with black or dark colored outfits.

To keep this dramatic look elegant, try not to overdo your cheeks or lips. You can also choose to switch the emphasis to your lips, having them in bold red, while leaving your eyes more subtle and low-key. Wherever you or your professional beautiful mink lashes artist decide to put the focus, remember that the rest of your face should look natural and minimalistic.

This year, bridal hair fashion is sleek and may require special hair treatments, such as Japanese straightening. Long waves are very trendy, but need to be straight and trimmed too. Take a look at Gwyneth Paltrow’s current hair style, which looks like she had a Japanese straight perm on her super long hair.

Long straight hair is definitely a glamorous trend for brides right now and must be kept glossy and smooth. Buns and ponytails are classy options for this spring and summer and the bride’s hair should be silky and treated with thermal reconditioning.

Loose buns are worn to look at once lustrous and carefree and this hair style is a beautiful option for the fashionable bride, who does not want to look over groomed. It is also a hot trend among celebrities right now.

The fashion for bridal beautiful mink lashes and hair in 2010 is building up to be an exceptional blend of colors and styles that allow each bride to choose the personal look that suits her most.

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