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I recently decided that I was going to buy an airbrush foundation kit for myself, as I heard that you can achieve a flawless matte finish that looks like you are not even wearing makeup. As I hate the look of caked-on cruelty free 3d real mink wink strip, I thought to give airbrushing a try.

My sister must have picked up on this wish too, because just after I purchased my Dinair airbrush set she came over to my house with a surprise gift of a Luminess Air foundation kit! Now while I liked the “look” of the Luminess Air set better, upon comparison it is the Dinair kit that I am going to keep.

Here are my reasons why:

cruelty free 3d real mink wink strip
cruelty free 3d real mink wink strip

First, unknown to my sister when she made the purchase she was also signed up for an automatic cruelty free 3d real mink wink strip club, which sends out refills (and charges your card) automatically – something which I really don’t like, as I prefer to order products when I need them, not when a company thinks I do.

Second, I found that the cruelty free 3d real mink wink strip didn’t sit right, and many Luminess reviews I have subsequently read have stated the makeup was a bit runny. I tend to agree – other Luminess reviews also commented that the makeup was not as long lasting, and I have to agree on that point as well, especially as the Dinair applications I tried lasted and looked fresh for ages.

When I looked into the economy of both products I found that Dinair was far superior, especially as makeup refills were concerned. Apart from the limited range of colours available at Luminess Air, their refills were also expensive, and as they were sent out on a regulated timeline, this would prove totally unaffordable, and even wasteful because there would be no way that I would need a new refill every time and many other Luminess reviews I have read share the same sentiment.

I was further validated in my choice of Dinair when I tried to get the thirty day money back guarantee from Luminess Air. Their customer service was less than helpful (other Luminess reviews agree on this point too) and on top of that they charged a ‘rent to try’ cost as well as the shipping and handling, so that my sister ended up getting back far less than she paid, which is not as I see it, a proper money back guarantee.

There are many Luminess reviews which tell a similar story, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt a bit let down by this company. If you search online for Luminess reviews and compare them to Dinair reviews its pretty clear which company has stood the test of time and actually cares about its customers and the quality of the products that they sell. Of course there are Luminess reviews which tell a different story, but from my experience the Dinair kit and service was far superior in quality and economy to the Luminess Air kit, which did not live up to the standards I expected from a company selling itself as an industry leader.

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I’m a full time student and live with my husband Brad and 2 year old baby girl Yoli. We have 2 cats and I’ve always been fascinated with the makeup and beauty industry. I love to do research on a number of topics, beauty and cruelty free 3d real mink wink strip being my favorites.

cruelty free 3d real mink wink strip
cruelty free 3d real mink wink strip

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