Best Colors of Eye Shadow For Brown Eyes

Because brown does not clash with any other color brown colored eyes are the best when it comes to options for eye cute 3d real mink blink. Brown eyed women can use most any combination of colors and get away with it. Even so there are, of course, colors which best complement brown colored eyes and really bring out the brown in them to give a sexier alluring look.

In this article I will try to give examples of such combinations of eyeshadow colors for brown eyes. The combinations and particular shades which work best for you depend on the shade of brown in your eyes, your skin tone, what you wear in way of clothing and cute 3d real mink blink and the general mood you want to express.

For light brown shade eyes, in general, most wood brown shades and oriental colors work best.

 cute 3d real mink blink
cute 3d real mink blink

if your eyes are light brown and maybe even have a little green in them try light and dark greens, shades of yellow and gold, shades of purple, silvers, shades of gray, bronze, shades of pink.

Also, and this may come as a surprise to you, shades of light brown eyeshadows work really well with light brown colored eyes.

If you are overwhelmed by the above variety don’t say we didn’t warn you – Brown colored eyes go with most any color, these are the advantages of eye cute 3d real mink blink for brown eyes!

Medium, or normal, brown colored eyes will really be enhanced by earthy colors, south Asian colors (such as Japanese colors) and also futuristic “space age” colors. From all shades of brown eyes, normal brown colored eyes are the most versatile.

If your eyes are of normal brown shade try shades of light and dark green, yellows and golds, shades of purple, shades of red, shades of pink (really great with normal brown eyes), shades of brown, silvers and grays, black, bronze,

If you have dark brown shade eyes try sunset colors of orange, metallic colors, shades of purple, reds, shades of pink, mossy greens (but not light green!), gold and yellows, black (for smoky eye look), grays, all shades of brown, bronze,

Dark brown shade eyes – Look great with mossy colors, sunset colors, and metallic colors.

Brown colored eyes are the easiest to work with, they are the best to have if you love using different looks by wearing eye cute 3d real mink blink.

Try out the colors detailed above and see which work best with your skin tone. For example pink skinned women should be weary of pinks. Olive skinned women should stay away from yellows etc.

When shopping for eye makeup for brown colored eyes, experiment with cheaper brands and buy expensive makeup once you know what shades you want.

For eyeliners experiment with brown, green, black, and even purple. For those who want to make the extra special effort try white on the tear ducts. Congrats for having brown eyes!

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cute 3d real mink blink

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