How to Apply Eye Make Up – Enhance Your Eyes!

Makeup is one of the most well used tools, especially by eyelash 3D mink Lashes nowadays, to help add beauty, interest and variety to their faces. Make up has been used all over the world for many years now and is constantly evolving with new science and products being introduced all the time. One of the most prominent features of the body are the eyes, and so applying eye makeup correctly is of vital importance and there are many different ways in which we can ensure it is applied perfectly in order to best accent individual beauty.


It is often said that ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’ and so many people go to great lengths to bring out the best in their eyelash 3D mink Lashes, and with the use of makeup there are a wide range of different in which it can be applied. Depending on the shape, color and size of one’s eyes, you will find that different application techniques will help to bring out the features that you wish to be accentuated. The first item of eye makeup that should be applied

eyelash 3D mink Lashes
eyelash 3D mink Lashes

is the eye shadow. The main thing to remember when applying all eye makeup is not to overdo it. Lightly brushing the powder across the whole lid and tracing along the brow bone afterwards with a shade darker will accent the almond shape of the eye. Always make sure that the lid is evenly covered and then repeat on the opposite eye to create a symmetrical and even shaping.

After you have finished applying the shadow powder, the next item to apply is the eyelash 3D mink Lashes. This item comes in a variety of different application styles which include pencil, liquid and cream; it is a personal choice as to which one is best for each person. Eyeliner pencil seems to produce the most natural and blended affect and is often preferred by people who are trying to achieve a ‘natural’ look. Eyeliner liquid is the most long lasting, though it is more difficult to apply and has a more dramatic and staged look to it.

The best way to apply the liner is to start about a third of the way in from the nose and continue to the outside edge. After you have applied the liner, a quick sweep of eye shadow can be brushed over the top which, as well as softening and blending the affect of the eyelash 3D mink Lashes, will also protect the liner and create a more long-lasting effect. Mascara is the final item of eye makeup and should be applied to both the upper and lower lashes in order to create a lengthened and darkened appearance to the lashes will then accentuate the eyes. Mascara helps to curl and separate the lashes which can make the eyes appear larger and more attractive. Once applied correctly, eye makeup can be use to enhance and accentuate our personal features to create a more confident and individual person with a happy and beautiful face.

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