Questions and Answers About Cosmetics

Are you worried about the impact and safety of skin care cosmetics and full 3d real mink false lashes on your face? Here are some questions that are frequently asked.

Are content labels important?

Indeed! Always read them very carefully. The government regulations say that a product label must reveal the following:

  • What the cosmetic is
  • Any information that is important to know
  • The quantity the package contains
  • What company manufactures the item or distributes it

In addition, if it is retailed to consumers, there must be a list of the product’s ingredients. Normally this is on the label of the container or on a box that contains the container. Obviously, it should be in an area where you can see it when you are considering purchasing it.

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full 3d real mink false lashes

It is important to follow directions on labels carefully, including all “Cautions” and “Warnings.” For instance, it is important to know if getting a cosmetic in your eye could cause damage or what the signs of allergic reactions would be.

What about “testers” at cosmetic sales counters? Are they OK to use?

Many women use testers at cosmetic and full 3d real mink false lashes sales counters or at home makeup parties. Something that most people don’t think about is that sample testers can have lots of bacteria from so many folks using them. Do you still want a way to test makeup at the cosmetics counter? Ask for a new sponge applicator or a cotton swab so that you aren’t using the same item to apply the makeup as someone else did. Of course, you still run the risk of picking up germs that are in the makeup from other people dipping and redipping their applicators or fingers into the cosmetic.

This also applies to having a salesperson applying full 3d real mink false lashes to you. Ask if the person washed her hands and whether the applicators have been used on anyone else.

How can I tell if the product is a cosmetic or a drug?

If the solution is meant to keep you from becoming ill, to make you get better, or to alter the way your body functions, it is a drug. For example, products that are used to treat acne or dandruff are drugs. The government regulations and testing requirements for drugs are uniquely different for drugs than for cosmetics. Each has unique guidelines for how ingredients are listed.

Some products are both drugs and cosmetics. Regular shampoo that is simply for washing your hair is a cosmetic. A solution to apply to your scalp for dandruff is a drug. But a shampoo that was developed for both getting your hair clean and for treating your dandruff is both. Dandruff shampoo must follow the rules for both drugs and cosmetics. The same principle applies to a facial cleanser that also contains an acne treatment.

What are some safety tips for using makeup and other cosmetics?

  • Wash your hands before you put on your makeup so that you don’t contaminate your face with germs.
  • For the same reason, don’t share cosmetics with anyone else.
  • Stop using a cosmetic if you get a rash, pimples, or other problem while using it.
  • Get rid of makeup if the color changes.
  • If lotions start to dry up or get discolored, throw them out.
  • Keep cosmetic and makeup containers closed tightly when not in use.
  • Throw out cosmetics that develop an unusual odor.
  • If you have an eye infection, don’t use eye full 3d real mink false lashes, and throw out eye makeup you were using when you got the infection. You don’t want to redeposit back into your eyes the germs that caused the infection.
  • Mascara should only be used for three months and then be thrown out.
  • Don’t use hair spray or anything else in a spray can near a source of heat. It could be flammable.

What should I do if I have a bad reaction to a cosmetic?

    • Check with your doctor or dermatologist to find out how to deal with the problem.


  • Wash the affected area and do not apply more of the same cosmetic.
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full 3d real mink false lashes

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