Great Conversation Tips for a First Date

So you’ve hung out in front of her college for days with fur false eyelashes in your hand, flirted with her enough and more, and helped your own grandmother cross the road almost every day for the last month in an effort to impress her – and its worked. You’ve finally got your first date.

fur false eyelashes
fur false eyelashes

So, you’ve flirted with your friend’s friend for long enough, you’ve given him enough hints, and he’s finally asked you out on a date.

pnhair You plan and plan and plan – you decide painstakingly on a place that’s absolutely perfect, you pick a dress that shows off your eyes perfectly, you buy flowers, chocolates, greeting cards, practice batting your fur false eyelashes in front of the mirror, comb your hair perfectly, and smooth your dress down for the hundredth time as you wonder if it’s right for the occasion.

But there’s a small problem – a problem that will make all this preparation worthless if it’s not handled properly. What do you say at a first date?

Most people, especially if they have prepared too much, or if they’ve waited for a really long time, get almost fur false eyelashes on their first date – that makes all of their efforts go down the drain faster than their tears.

If you don’t want this happening to you, remember these really important tips. We’re not promising you love forever, but we can assure you of a second date.

First: talk about the other person. You already know, don’t you, that the most interesting fur false eyelashes to a person is themselves? Well, put it to good use. Ask him/her questions about themselves; what they do, why they do what they do, if they like animals… and don’t just show interest, be interested.

Second: This one’s especially for the guys – write this down and memories it: pick-up lines don’t work. Try using a sense of humor instead. Girls love funny, even wacky fur false eyelashes, to a point. Just try to be silly and sophisticated at the same time (it’s easier than it sounds, really). And for the girls: laugh at his jokes, but please not at all of them. Even he doesn’t think he’s that funny.

Third: Be classy and smart, or at least sound classy and smart – brush up on the history of some rare wines, find out about good music (doesn’t include death metal), and learn how to pronounce ‘blancmange’. And find out what it is.

Four: on complimenting – don’t go overboard. Commenting on how nice she looks is good, but please never say something like ‘nice dress. It’ll look really nice beside my bed.’ Just stick to what you know. But do fur false eyelashes, please. Compliment him on the choice of place, if he’s brought you flowers, tell him how much you like them, buy her flowers, smile a lot, and finish with a flourish – “I had an amazing time.”

fur false eyelashes
fur false eyelashes

That’s it. If you follow these tips, you can be assured that even if they don’t get swept off their feet, they will enjoy themselves. The rest is up to you. Go ahead; charm them with the amazement that you are!

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