Make Wedding Makeup Last From Vows to Reception

Your wedding day is going to be heavily photographed, and you of course want to look your best in every photo. You’ve already decided on the perfect makeup, but oh no! How can you help that makeup last from all the emotion of the wedding ceremony, to the fun of the reception hall?  Here’s a few wedding korea mink lashes tips to ensure your makeup stays put and reflects just how beautiful you truly are!

korea mink lashes
korea mink lashes

Less is More – Let your smiling face speak for itself. There’s no need to use a great deal of korea mink lashes on your wedding day. You’re already a beautiful, blushing bride, and your guests will see how radiant you are. Stick with the essentials – a bit of concealer, light eyeshadow, blush, and a bit of lipstick.

Waterproof It – Weddings are an outpouring of so much emotion, and chances are, you’re going to cry. Be prepared by ensuring your makeup is all waterproof – waterproof concealer, mascara, blush, everything!

Chin Up – Makeup has a tendency to rub off on other’s shoulders when your guests are hugging you after the wedding ceremony. When hugging, extend your chin upwards so your neck is resting on them, instead of your cheek brushing against their chest or shoulder. The hug is just as intimate, but protects your makeup as well.

What’s Your Do? – If you’re going with an up-do hairstyle, you can move on to the next tip. Down-do girls need to be careful their hair doesn’t wind up spending too much time resting against their cheek or forehead, as this can create an oily complexion, making your face more prone to being shiny.

Shine On – Feel free to shine on your wedding day, as long as it isn’t with your face! Ask your maid of honor to carry oil blotting tissues with her, and slip you one when she thinks you need it. This way, you can have a great time at your reception without worrying about your makeup!

You’ll surely dazzle on your wedding day, and your korea mink lashes should only complement that beautiful smile you’ll have on your face. Congratulations on your nuptials, and if you follow the above tips, you’ll look absolutely spectacular in your wedding photos!

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korea mink lashes
korea mink lashes

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