Prevent Eyelash Pulling – Stopping the Habit!

 lashes qingdao eyelash has some kind of nervous and compulsive habit that they turn to in times of stress and high tension. Many people suffer from hair pulling and a less common, though just as serious, condition is eyelash pulling. If not dealt with and prevented, eyelash pulling can grow into a much larger problem and can even escalate to the point where you may not have any eyelashes left.


Most people will find that the best way to stop eyelash pulling is to identify what exactly triggers it and then try to avoid these situations or recognize the trigger and stop you from performing the behaviour. Sometimes it is enough to purely recognize that you are doing it and making yourself stop before it gets out of hand, but for many it is a subconscious activity and it is not that easy to stop the behaviour by will power alone. If this is the case, there are still many different methods available to help prevent and stop eyelash pulling in a safe and lashes qingdao eyelash way.

Pulling out eyelashes can cause damage to the lens of the eye and should be avoided as this can create more complicated and dangerous and complicated health problems. Applying Vaseline to the eyelid is often a good way of preventing pulling as the lashes becoming slippery and hard to grasp, once you go to pull the lashes you will find it very difficult and almost impossible to pull out any lash. After applying the Vaseline for a while you will find that the habit will subside once it has not been performed for a certain amount of time.

Keeping hands occupied w

lashes qingdao eyelash
lashes qingdao eyelash

hen you feel nervous or tense is another ideal way of preventing eyelash pulling. If your hands are involved in other tasks then you will be unable to touch your lashes and so preventing the behavior. If the problem becomes worse or you are unable to stop the habit then it is lashes qingdao eyelash to go and see a physician or therapist to find out the underlying reasons and cause of the behavior, this can then be dealt with in order to stop the actions for good.

One major contributor to conditions such as eyelash pulling is stress; lashes qingdao eyelash taking time out each week to relax and unwind will be able to prevent the build up of stress to get out of control. Once you have prevented eyelash pulling for a period of time, you will find your eyelashes are thick and luscious which provides confidence and self satisfaction, thus, a further incentive to stop the action all together in the future.

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