Article Marketing – They Are Not Your Children – How to Let Your Articles Go

When I wrote my first three mink false eyelashes, I was almost insanely pleased with myself. Having wanted to be a writer ever since I could hold a pen, the thought of having some of my own written work out in the world being read by other people was a huge achievement for me.

But that was just the problem; I was so wrapped up in how wonderful I thought my precious mink false eyelashes  were that I was upset when for the next three weeks I saw no appreciable activity from them. My site gained no new visitors and my articles garnered no comments from enthusiastic readers. It hurt! I thought that I had done something wrong.

My expectations were dashed and I painfully learned the true reality of article marketing. It is a business. If you are going to use articles as one of the pillars of your web traffic sourcing, then it’s time to get realistic.

mink false eyelashes
mink false eyelashes

Here are the three things you should know to avoid the same disappointment.

  • They are not your children. An article is a collection of words about a subject. True, they have a life of their own; they go round the world and end up in some unusual places but they have sprung from your mink false eyelashes , not your loins. Never take it personally if no one praises them; it is not important. If no one picks them up and publishes them; it is an indication that you need to look at your style, your structure or your article length, not ask yourself searching questions about why life is so unfair. If someone criticizes them; it is only feedback to help you write better in future
  • You can always make more. Unlike children, articles are dispensable, disposable and dismissible commodities. You should see yourself as a mass production factory, not a bespoke craftsman. If one of your articles turns out to be a useless runt, it is not a reason for despair; just make another one. If one of them misses your point, scans badly and reads unclearly; simply fix the production line. There is no need to knock down the factory.
  • Your articles are tools; let them go. They have a job to do, which is to represent your mink false eyelashes  place in your chosen niche. Their simple task is to stand by the wall, fluttering their eyelashes till a handsome e-zine comes along and proposes a partnership. After that all their only role is to continue being attractive and whispering to other admirers “I’m taken, but I have a whole bunch of pretty sisters back home, why don’t you go and visit them?” and they send you a stream of expectant visitors.

So next time you find yourself welling up as you wave your little article goodbye, remember these three realities and tell yourself to stop being emotionally attached to your articles. Let them go and do their wonderful work.

mink false eyelashes
mink false eyelashes

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