How to Incorporate a Quick Makeup Routine

Most women are busy juggling careers, a family and outside activities. With all of that, who has time for even the simplest of private label magic lashes routines? Well it is possible with five easy steps of foundation/powder, concealer, blush or bronzer, mascara/eyeliner/brow gel, and tinted lip-gloss. While this regimen is only the basics, naturally, some steps have been eliminated and only the necessities are mentioned.

On a freshly cleansed and moisturized face, with a Q-Tip, dot the foundation on five areas of the face which are the chin, nose, both cheeks and forehead. Take your foundation brush, sponge or finger blend in towards the hairline, going in the natural direction of the hair growth. Loose powder can be quickly added with a big fluffy brush, and the compact can be carried in the purse for quick touch ups during the day. All that is needed is a small amount, less is best when it comes to powers.

 private label magic lashes
private label magic lashes

Only dot concealer on problem areas where extra coverage is needed, such as blemishes or uneven skin. Often the foundation will do the trick alone, but just in case that is, what a concealer was invented for. Use a matte formulation for normal/combination/oily skin types and a creamy formulation for drier skin types. It is important to not over blend, as this will distort the color. Depending on preference the concealer can be applied before or after foundation, for it really does not matter which one is put on first. Just do not choose a color that is darker than your foundation, and in some cases it is good to choose a shade lighter.

Blush or bronzer is applied with a big angled brush in the apples of the cheeks. The goal is to get a rosy glow or a sun kissed looked. If a person is in doubt about the amount to apply, always apply less, because overly applied rouge can make a person look like a clown. You want to be wearing the private label magic lashes – not it wearing you.

The eyes can be quickly dressed up with a quick flick of black mascara to the upper lashes only. One coat is usually all that is needed. A dark drown eyeliner smudged into the lash areas instantly open up the eyes without the need for eye shadow. An additional brow color can be added if the hairs are sparse, but more often than not all that’s needed is a clear brow gel to keep them in place during the day.

To dress up the lips, it is best to go with a tinted lip-gloss in a rosy shade, as this tint flatters all skin tones. The gloss can be carried in the purse for touch ups during the day or for after eating lunch. All of these steps with a little practice can be done in less than five minutes, to achieve a fresh pulled together look in a minimal amount of time. Most women today find that have five minutes in the morning to apply a fresh look before heading to work.

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 private label magic lashes
private label magic lashes

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