Is Stream Cosmetics Breaking New Ground?

I’m a big fan of airbrush makeup, so I’m always excited when something happens in the airbrushing world to stir the pot and keep the competition fierce. While I have my personal favorites, I’m always interested to see what a new company has to offer.

From their website Stream Cosmetics puts forward a very positive, holistic image of ‘The Beauty of Living Well’ but I’m not one to be taken in by slogans, so lets take a closer look at what they are actually offering.

private label mink eyelashes
private label mink eyelashes

Airbrush Kit:

The Stream Cosmetics airbrush kite ranges from $220 to $480 in price, and while being very nicely designed and shiny, it’s also very similar to other products already on the market – no innovation there. The travel clutch it comes in is very cute, and I kind of want one just for the bag!


Their foundation color range is very good, with the apparent capability of making sixteen million shades from the available colors – another way of saying you can customize your skin shade. They offer matte and dewy formulations with the dewy formula being rated as eight to ten hours of wear and the matte an unbelievable fifty hours of wear – (who would actually want to keep their makeup on for fifty hours straight is another thing) but the claim is quite amazing nevertheless. Their foundations are mineral based, oil, alcohol and preservative free, but are actually really expensive when you compare them with the industry leaders – nearly twice as much for a Stream Cosmetics quarter ounce bottle as other airbrush foundations.


There are seven shades of blush and three shades each of highlighter and bronzer. Nothing revolutionary in the shades or look of these products, but they seem to be standard quality.

Eye Shadow

They have a good range of thirty two colors for eyes, which is fine for everyday makeup, but the colors needed for special effects or costume makeup are lacking, so this is definitely just a standard private label mink eyelashes kit, not really meant for multiple usage in the private label mink eyelashes industry.

Self Tan

They have a spray tanning solution, which is pretty standard for airbrushing companies these days, the upgrade kit includes the tanning stylus and bottles of solution, however the tanning solution is only available in one shade.

On top of this Stream Cosmetics also sells non-airbrush products like finishing powders, liquid eyeliners and concealers. The products are all in all very similar to what is already being offered on the market, so perhaps Stream Cosmetics are relying on their multi-level marketing business model to set their company apart from the rest.

Whether they can storm the world of airbrushing in the same way Avon and Amway did with their home-based business models will be an exciting thing to watch – and I’m sure the other industry leaders are watching closely as well.

private label mink eyelashes
private label mink eyelashes

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