Learn to Apply Makeup – Secret Techniques to Apply Makeup & Make You Look Dazzling

Makeup can make the ugliest looking woman look dazzling and gorgeous. You cannot even imagine how all these celebrities look without qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes. If you have the perfect makeup sense and proper cosmetics, you can anytime get your desired look. And above all, you do not need to rush a salon every time for getting your face done; you can very well do it at your home with your own hands.

qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes
qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes

Below are some secret techniques to apply makeup to make you look dazzling:

· First most important thing to do before applying the base is to moisturize. Apply a good quality moisturizer a leave on for 5 minutes. Never apply qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes on dry and flaky face. This would make your face look further dry and lifeless.

· Pick up a foundation matching your skin tone and apply on your face in circular movements with your fingers. Make sure that the shade must match your skin tone otherwise your face will end up looking totally different from the entire body. Do not go for one shade lighter or darker; just pick up the matching one.

· Now pertain concealer to the darker areas of your face or on pimple marks if any. Do not pertain much of it. A little amount can cover up all those marks.

· Apply powdered blush on your face after the application of concealer.

· To get the best makeup results, you must choose right shades of cosmetics. For e.g. Lip colour, gloss, eye shadow etc must be matching with your outfit or in contrast.

· Now, apply a light or neutral shade of eye shadow on the lids. Pertain matte dark colours on the creases of both the eyes and blend well. Your makeup should be blended well so that it does not look overdone.

· Eye liner should be thin. Pertain powdered or wet liner with a liner brush on the upper lash line and lower lash line and cover till the corner meets.

· Now comes qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes on the lips; lip liner should be exactly of the same colour as your lip gloss or lipstick is. Apply a thin line around the outline of the lips and fill up the inside area with the lipstick.

qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes
qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes

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