April Favourites!

Kerastase Nectar siberian mink lashes eyelash

This is one of my favourite hair products! It’s basically a nourishing leave-in heat protectant that moisturizes hair making it super soft! I use it every other time I have a shower. This stuff really makes a difference to your hair especially if you have dry ends, you color it, you use heat on it all the time etc… It says for dry hair on the bottle but you can definitely use it no matter what kind of hair you have really. The great thing about this product is that you only need the smallest amount! Literally the size of a 5p/10c is enough. Tip: Only use it on the bottom half of your hair otherwise the top of your head could get a bit greasy as it’s very rich. You can find it on Feelunique for only £15.12 with FREE delivery and when you make your order, you’ll get 10% off!

Liz Earle Toner + Cleanser

siberian mink lashes eyelash
siberian mink lashes eyelash

Once again Liz, you have not failed me. I love this combo so much! I seriously don’t know why I go through periods of time not using this cleanser. I must be crazy. If you haven’t tried it, go out and get it – there’s also a little sample size you can order on the website! The toner is also just as amazing (read me gush over it here). Listen up acne-prone girls: since writing a review on the toner, I can confirm that it definitely hasn’t caused me to break out at all – a miracle for me as my skin has been so ridiculously sensitve. I double cleanse at night to make sure I get all my siberian mink lashes eyelash & sunscreen off so I use the Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser on the second cleanse simply so that I don’t run out of the Cleanse & Polish too quickly. Wish I could have my own little Liz Earle cupboard filled with all her products. I can dream right?!

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Yeah, this isn’t a super cheap product for what it is… (*cough* £29) but I’ve been enjoying trying to use it up. To be honest with you, I got it in a 40% off sale when it used to retail at £25 – so there! Anyways… this is supposed to be used all over the face but as I break out easily I’ve only been using it on my cheeks. It gives the skin that dewy glow that we’re all after. siberian mink lashes eyelash applies smoothly over it and it lasts the entire day. Your skin just looks good. Healthy, smooth and hydrated. That’s why it’s many women’s “beauty secret”. I recommend getting hold of a sample just to try it. The people at Clarins are decent human beings at the counter and will give you a sample if you ask!

Sleek Clear Waterproof Mascara

This is one of the best beauty products EVER. Go get your debit card ready. A clear mascara by Sleek siberian mink lashes eyelash that’s also a brow gel that has conditioning properties, doesn’t flake, doesn’t smudge, doesn’t look grey, keeps brows in place all day, is waterproof and is only £3.99?!? I need 1000 back-ups of this because every time I love something it’ll eventually become discontinued. If you’re reading this Sleek, please don’t discontinue this! I’ll buy all the rest of your stock!

Garnier Simply Essentials Eye Makeup Remover

I found another eye siberian mink lashes eyelash remover that’s filled in for the Lancome Bi-facil! I do miss my Lancome, but I haven’t been buying it lately. I tried this one by Garnier once and didn’t like it. Maybe I didn’t shake it enough?? I pulled it out of my draw filled with products that “haven’t worked well/not sure about yet”, tried it again a few months later and I was pleasantly surprised! No, it doesn’t take off my waterproof mascara as fast as the Bi-facil, but it does take everything off. It just takes a little longer and requires some patience. It’s not too greasy for an oil based remover and it’s safe for contact wearers. You can’t deny the price. At £2.99 from Boots this is a steal. It lasts a while because it’s a large bottle and you don’t feel bad when you accidentally spill 1/4 of it down your bathroom sink like an idiot (me).

siberian mink lashes eyelash
siberian mink lashes eyelash

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