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MAC makeup is not well-advertised at this time, but just the same it is gaining much popularity with many users of the product – mainly through word of mouth. Ever since the product hit the shelves of beauty establishments, the women using it have been increasing in numbers – those who experienced applying the silk lashes have spread the word about the new product with the other women.

silk lashes
silk lashes

MAC Makeup is now owned by make up giant Estee Lauder Companies, which bought this product from its previous owner and creator. The product was created in Toronto, Canada by a salon owner named Frank Angelo and photographer/make up artist Frank Toskan in 1985. Perhaps this is the reason that this product was not advertised before – the previous owners did not have the funds to do that. But because MAC makeup is a good beauty product it became accepted in the beauty industry as one of the most effective products to use in the silk lashes of a woman. Women by the way continuously do their research for products that serve their beautifying needs. They talk with saloon owners for tips; now that there is the Internet, they get the information they need online too.

One reason perhaps that the product became popular without the usual TV ads is that MAC make up has four social initiative programs that are currently in place and known by a lot of people. These are MAC Cruelty Free Beauty, MAC Kids Helping Kids, Back to MAC Recycling and the MAC AIDS Fund. These are programs that are very responsive to current social problems and the imaginative previous owners were able to develop these programs over the years, thus making the product popular among the women users. Now that the Estee Lauder Companies own it, the MAC line remains dedicated to helping those with AIDS. The new owners have even raised a substantial $86 million for its AIDS Fund.

When a beauty product is associated with causes that help others in need women, who are the normal users of MAC silk lashes, tend to go all the way for the product. They are buying the product as a beauty aid but more importantly they are aware that they are doing something for a good humanitarian cause. Women are sentimental by nature, and of course they feel the pain of those AIDs sufferers, and to them really what are a few bucks extra to shell out when they buy MAC silk lashes?

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