Best Advice For Your Wedding Make Over

The best plan of action for a wedding make over is to aim to enhance natural features, rather than try a drastic change of look. A wedding makeover needs to start months before the big day, and should include a healthy eating and exercise plan as well as weekly facial treatments leading up to the date. The last facial treatment should be scheduled two weeks prior to the wedding to give the skin time to expel the last of its toxins and heal wholesale 3d mink lashes (no one wants a breakout on their big day!).

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wholesale 3d mink lashes

The makeup plan is an integral part of the wedding make over, and needs to be considered carefully. The most important part of a bridal look is a flawless face, so getting the foundation right is essential. An increasingly popular option for wedding wholesale 3d mink lashes is airbrush foundation because it provides the three-fold benefits which include a flawless base, being extremely long-wearing and it looks and feels like natural skin.

Airbrushing can come in handy for giving the right definition and highlights to the face without looking overdone. Because the face is the most photographed part of the body on the wedding day, there needs to be strong contouring and highlighting on cheeks, nose and jaw-line. This can tend to look forced with regular foundation application, but can be blended seamlessly with an airbrush. Looking for a wholesale 3d mink lashes artist or salon that specializes in airbrushing will help immensely with your wedding make over.

The wedding make over shouldn’t be a drastic transformation (i.e. blonde hair shouldn’t be dyed black) rather a subtle highlighting of natural features. Traditionally bridal makeup is in soft tones, without harsh lines or an over-dramatic eye-liner. Obviously personal taste will be the deciding factor, but keeping in mind that your husband-to-be wants to be able to recognize you at the alter is important!

A few things to take into consideration when planning your wedding makeover include:

  • Avoid red lips, as this can tend to make teeth look yellower, not a good look in wedding photos and is more likely to kiss-off during the event
  • Use wholesale 3d mink lashes products and techniques (like airbrushing) which are long-lasting and will not wear off. Remember that you are going to have to hug, kiss and smile for a multitude of people and photographs, and you want to look your best from beginning to end.
  • Try not to choose hairstyles which require a gallon of hairspray to hold in place. While your hairdo needs to last through the entire event, a sure-fire “romance killer” on a wedding night is untangling a mass of rock hard sprayed hair.

A wedding make over should enhance and highlight the natural beauty of the bride. There are many tips and tricks for the wedding day make over, so make sure you check them out long before the big day arrives.

wholesale 3d  mink lashes
wholesale 3d mink lashes

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