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Mineral Make-Up – Gold For Your Skin and Pocket Book

he use of minerals in woman curly 3d real mink isn’t a new concept. If fact, minerals have been used as a tinting agent in cosmetics for hundreds of years. So what makes mineral makeup special?

Mineral concentration is the key difference between true mineral woman curly 3d real mink and “run of the mill” makeup products. Technically, any company could claim their make-up to be “mineral”. The real question lies in the remaining ingredients of the product.

woman curly 3d real mink
woman curly 3d real mink

Our advice: Read your labels. Although a mineral, avoid woman curly 3d real mink with talc- this is a very common skin irritant. Some companies even use cornstarch as a cheap filler. What’s the point? It gives the product a shorter shelf life, may cause skin irritation, decreases adhesiveness, and doesn’t offer the UV protection that minerals do.

Longevity is a huge benefit of mineral makeup’s concentrated nature. An average sized bottle of fluid foundation will last approximately a month, whereas loose mineral foundation (8 grams or so) will last 2-3 months (depending upon amount and frequency of application). Because of its mineral concentration, a little goes a long way. This saves a lot of money over the years! Additionally, because it is not water based it is unable to harbor bacteria (eliminating many breakouts) and has an long shelf life.

As I have been an avid mineral makeup user for years, some may say I’m bias. However, I look at it as expertise and advise in which others can benefit. Don’t be swayed by big marketing scams and gimmicks. Big brands aren’t always best…Big labels don’t necessarily equal quality mineral woman curly 3d real mink.

Earth Diva is a new web-based store with quality mineral make-up products and great prices! The all natural ingredients are clearly listed. You’ll love the mineral foundation, blush, eye shadow and financial relief!

woman curly 3d real mink
woman curly 3d real mink

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