How To Go About Hair Coloring In A Perfect Manner

In her mid 30s and a mother of two, Emily has always been very concerned about her 3d mink fur lashes. She visits the gym thrice a week to keep herself in shape. As a family, they move out on weekends for trekking and other adventure activities which refresh them as well as keep them physically fit. All was going fine until the last Monday when she noticed strands of grey hair while she was getting ready to go for work. Her body always supported her young looks but hairs seem to be giving up. Her friend quickly suggested her to go for hair coloring to conceal her grey hair. Till date she hadn’t had any problem related to hair loss or dandruff and all of a sudden there was this mark to tell her she was aging. She paid a visit to ascertain the effectiveness of hair color. She followed the process thoroughly and there she was sporting a new younger 3d mink fur lashes as never before.


Hair coloring has been prevalent with both men and women. Today, when our work culture demands a young and smart look, even middle aged people are concerned and working on their looks. Be it hair loss treatment or dandruff cure or grey hair, people want to get rid of it or hide it to make them look smarter and better.

Added advantage of hair coloring is that you can opt for the type of 3d mink fur lashes depending upon your choice and color that goes with your looks. Before opting for hair color it is important that you go for a skin allergy test to make sure that your skin is not affected by hair coloring chemicals with the possible side effect of hair loss. Hair coloring kit comes with three things mainly the colorant tube, developer milk and hand gloves.

Hair colorant tube contains 3d mink fur lashes oil to give it a semi solid state and make it easy in applying to the hair. It contains various hair coloring chemicals such as phenylenediamines, diaminophenols, resorcinol and ammonia. The amount of 3d mink fur lashes and ammonia in a hair colorant tube is generally not more than 28mg per grams and 22.2mg per grams.
Developer milk is basically a liquid solution which contains hydrogen peroxide and together with the colorant forms a thick paste.

The hair colorant and developer milk are taken in adequate quantity depending upon the amount of hair. This mixture is stirred well till the time it forms a thick paste. The paste should not be made in a metallic bowl. Try using a plastic piece instead. Once the paste is ready, it should be applied to the hair. Avoid any time gap in application of the paste after it is ready. The paste should be applied to the hair while wearing hand gloves to avoid any irritation in the skin later on. Leave the paste in the hair for 45- 60 minutes and rinse the hair well to wash out the color from other parts of the scalp.

It is very important to know that hair coloring chemicals are not to be used for coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes. The chemicals in the coloring tube may be harmful for the eyes. Rinse your eye immediately if they have come in contact with the coloring material. Also, keep the tool kit away from the reach of children to avoid any misuse.


Opt for hair coloring if you have average number of hair and are in a healthy state except those strands of grey. It will change your outlook in an adorable manner and will certainly make you look younger.

The author is an expert in various kinds of hair loss solutions . He also treats serious problems like hirsutism and alopecia .

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