How to Look Amazing All the Time With Concealers – Magic Erasers for Skin Imperfections

The first step to good make up, I would say, is a good concealer.  mink cluster lashes Not many people know the importance of a good concealer. That’s why it is not used by very many as a part of their makeup kit.

I for one did not use this for the longest time until I happened to  mink cluster lashes purchase a Sheer Cover Concealer on a friend’s recommendation. Wow, that changed everything, I am never without one now.



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I have had acne all throughout my teens and do get an occasional breakout even now at forty. So I have some acne marks and my pores are large. First time I put on a little concealer on the marks, it glided smoothly and amazingly covered every little imperfection on my face.

Now why I call it magic eraser is because, you do not have to put t mink cluster lashes his on like foundation. Just spot application is good. Dab a little to problem areas and light blending is all it takes. You can use use your regular foundation or powder compact after the concealer.

This little thing can make all the difference. Many people think that  mink cluster lashes they need to get an exact match to their skin color. But, in fact, the trick to use the concealer correctly is to get a shade or two lighter than your skin color. Choosing the right shade is the first step for that natural flawless finish.

The creamy kind of concealers work best as they are easy to blend. An mink cluster lashes d the key to great make up is blend, blend, blend. This helps in achieving a natural look. The creamy formula helps hide dark circles and blemishes as it usually dries matte and stays put.

Pat the concealer to dark areas of the face like under the eyes, skin di mink cluster lashes scolorations or any uneven spots on the face. Then gently blend it in. Make sure that it is blended in really well or will look patchy and blotchy, especially in some kinds of harsh light, like camera flash.

After the concealer, apply your foundation. The key again is blending it really well. Upward, outward motion works best. Finish with the face powder and voila… you are set to move on to your eyes and lips.
More on eye and lip make up in my next article.

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