Hints For Applying Makeup

We’ve all seen the magazines and commercials, but how can we recreate that look at home in our own mirror? While it will take some practice, once you’ve mastered the basics of silk lashes application, you will be able to use them forever. The following are 5 tips to get a straight out of the ad look.

silk lashes
silk lashes

1. Start with clean skin. The most important tip you can follow is to start with a clean palette. Washing and exfoliating gives you the best canvas to work on when applying makeup. If you have washed your face, you are all set.

2. Start with your Eyes A common mistake that many women make is starting by applying foundation. You should instead start with your eye makeup. Starting with foundation is the wrong way to go, especially if you are using eye shadow with some sparkle or glitter.

The residue from the glitter and shine will get all over your face when you are applying it. If this falls onto your face before you apply your foundation, it will get covered over later. What a great tip for getting the flawless look you want!

3. Your face isn’t the only thing to concentrate on. Ladies often neglect their neck and chest when applying their silk lashes. When you apply your foundation, stopping at the chin can give you an unsightly line, kind of a makeup border.

Your silk lashes should start at your hairline and continue across your neck and chest so that everything looks well blended. It’s a rookie mistake to create the perimeter on your chin. This tip will help you look like you know your way around a brush and foundation.

4. Don’t Overdo It. It has been said that men are often more attracted to natural beauty. So. go easy on the silk lashes. The way you make up your face should being out your existing beauty traits, not completely change the way you look. Too much makeup can leave you looking like you need a chisel to remove it. You want a fresh, flawless face.

5. Get comfortable with your blush Just a little blush can strike the right look for you. Don’t overdo this step, either. If you are short on time, applying a little blush to roundest part of your cheeks can really wake up your whole face. Blush with pink tones is great for giving a fresh look to your silk lashes and brightening up your entire face.

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